Saturday 18 April 2015, Live Performance from 05:57am to 08:02pm (Sunrise to Sunset)

For its inaugural project NEW STUDIO presents a free live performance from sunrise to sunset by Danish artist Sophie Dupont, the first presentation of her work in the UK.

From 05:57am-08:02pm on Saturday 18 April the artist will mark into a silver panel each breath she takes, drawing our attention to the simple yet fundamental action of breathing. Requiring an extraordinary degree of restraint and endurance, Dupont sits silently during the entire performance in order to enter a deep state of meditative mark-making.

Accompanying the live performance will be a display of panels created by the artist during previous iterations of the work. Varying in scale and material – including copper, zinc and gold – these marked panels are acts of affirmation; relics of the artist's bodily occupation of a given time and place.

Dupont works mainly with performance and painting to examine respiration, body weight, balance and movement. Begun in 2011, she has performed Marking Breath in a number of locations including The Armory Fair, New York; The Dominican Republic Performance Festival; SOMA, Mexico City; Gallery Factory, Seoul; Forma Y Sustancia, San Salvadore and most recently at Frost Art Museum, Miami. For the presentation in London Dupont will make the performance participatory and welcomes visitors to sit and join her in the ritual.

Dupont examines the contradictions and connections between body and psyche. Marking Breath can be seen as a rebellious act towards our increasingly frenetic and stimulated urban society.

Sophie Dupont (b.1975, Denmark) received an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has studied Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). Her work has been exhibited internationally including at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China; Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin; Den Frie, Copenhagen; The Frost Art Museum and FIU, Miami; The Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde, Denmark and SOMA, Mexico City, Mexico. She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.